Ember Services Limited provides customer management consultancy and analytics services

At Ember Services we help our clients develop strategies and then define, prioritise and deliver the change or transformation needed to optimise their engagement with customers or the communities they serve via their contact centre, digital or face to face touchpoints. Combining consulting and analytics services we have helped leading brands and organisations improve how they attract and support customers, making them easier to engage with while creating better outcomes. At the core of our proposition is a focus on how to optimise resources and costs to generate outcomes that increase advocacy and increase value for our clients.

Distinct to Ember is that our team are industry practitioners who have spent most of their careers in the roles that our clients often hold. We use this experience in combination with robust consulting methods and tools to determine practical and actionable change that is anchored on robust business cases. Our teams have worked across diverse sectors such as airlines, insurers, local authorities, retail, utilities and outsource service providers, and know how to strike a commercial balance between driving value, realising a desired quality level and mitigating business risk.

Whether it is contact centre operations, the various technologies that supports customer journeys and operations, or the data that can derive critical insights into performance or customer experiences we have a track record in helping our clients make improvements that either sustain their success or help them get back on track in the face of increasing competition, technological disruption, changing consumer preferences or increasing regulation.


Every organisation has competing reasons to claim the use of business resources and to seek new investments. At Ember we focus on how to get best outcome for our clients, their customers or the communities they serve in a way that balances short term goals with the priorities that will sustain the organisation in the medium and long term. We are passionate about getting this right and are challenging and supportive in equal measure to ensure our clients do the right thing for themselves and for those they serve.

We believe:

  • Financially-driven customer management strategies and operational delivery solutions help organisations realise their customer service vision and increase commercial value from customer operations.
  • Doing the right thing means ensuring a commercial balance is struck between driving value, realising a desired quality level and mitigating business risk.
  • It is a perpetual cycle – as a business evolves, so too does its relationships and the value of their engagements.
  • Only with insight, analysis and industry knowledge can you identify the best route to customer experience excellence and gain competitive advantage on key value and cost criteria.
  • Doing the right thing for customers and communities ultimately helps organisations ensure their longevity and success. Doing the right thing means understanding the value of customer engagement – how to optimise it and how to secure the required investment and support to deliver it effectively.
  • To do the right thing, organisations need the right people and the right insight to enable them to plan, implement, operate and thrive.
  • Any innovation means something new to an organisation - it creates a challenge when evidencing the business case for investment and defining the kind of innovation we need, creating uncertainty about how the organisation will be affected or improved as a result. Success relies on fresh thinking and new perspectives, but must be backed by robust assessment to deliver effective regeneration.
  • Technology and innovation drive each other – we help you define what is needed; secure the right investment for it, source it, drive value from it, and deliver it right.
  • Consumer expectations are changing along with the competitive landscape – a new generation setting the pace and altering market dynamics – threatening those that fail to respond to it, and creating opportunities for those that see their future with it.


Ember has an unashamedly financial focus and is committed to achieving tangible business benefits that deliver a material impact

We ensure our recommendations are backed by robust analysis that validates investment decisions and provides a clear business case for innovation, change and transformation.

Ember employs expert practitioners – real world expertise underpinned by robust consulting disciplines and tools

We share valuable insight from real world experience that establishes trust in our knowledge and integrity to deliver the best possible outcomes and value. We are neither theorists nor career consultants – we have done your job. Peer to peer support is what drives the confidence to make the big decisions. And the right ones.

We do the right thing for our clients and their customers

Ember is the better way to get the right advice and support, to help you secure the right investment, and to drive commercial value from doing the right thing for your customers

We are challenging and supportive in equal measure with a track record of helping our clients commit to and deliver change that makes a difference.

We are specialists in our fields, innovative in our thinking, and unique in our proposition and capability