Our solutions help you understand customer value – optimising the underlying costs and delivering the best income and business outcomes

Understanding where customer value is created or destroyed is key to determining customer engagement and service strategies. As Customer Engagement specialists, Ember helps our clients define strategies, create or improve capability and deliver improvements that create value. We do this at a time when…

  • Your customers are rapidly changing their engagement channel habits
  • Competition is developing from new and market disruptive entrants
  • Pace of disruption and need to change are increasing - the cycle to sense, innovate and respond is shortening
  • Compliance and regulation demand that action is taken

Against this backdrop, operating models need to adapt, and your capabilities, people, technology, processes and proposition need continuous assessment for relevance and effectiveness against the customers’ experience of engaging with them.

Faced with the challenge of supporting customers or communities with finite resources is difficult enough, but as consumer preferences, competition, organisational priorities, regulation or technology innovations change, you will need to re-assess your business priorities, adapt and act quickly to avoid being left behind.

Our distinct experience as market-savvy practitioners using tried and tested consulting methods and tools will help you get the balance right for your business – we help you adapt to achieve the optimal business outcomes and ensure you discover and exploit the opportunities transpiring from change.


Develop competitive, compelling and relevant service and engagement propositions to provide you with clear ‘North Star’ principles for success.

Enable you to understand customer demand and prioritise the things that make a positive difference in driving the right behaviours – both yours and your customers.

Enable the design and delivery of optimum operating models for agile, relevant and effective service delivery.

Help to develop capabilities across channels.

Will help to identify, design and specify the enabling capabilities you need to succeed.

Make sure you have the right partners and engagement frameworks to align, adapt and prosper.

Help you develop your teams to equip them to deliver sustainable change.