Rapid on-demand speech, text & social media analytics with no upfront skills, investment or license fees

Effective change in your contact centre has to be based on hard evidence. That evidence lies buried within the telephone conversations, emails and social media interactions your customers engage in with you. Ember’s Managed Analytics service will quickly extract from these interactions the valuable insights that can help you:

  • Lower operating cost and business risk associated with Quality and Compliance Monitoring
  • Increase revenue through a targeted and evidence based approach to agent sales performance improvements
  • Reduce service delivering cost by identifying and prioritising opportunities to remove unnecessary contact and increase first contact resolution
  • Improve customer satisfaction by gathering insight direct from customer conversations and acting on it

Managed Analytics from Ember is delivered through a secure and scalable cloud based platform ensuring minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Plus, our experience in customer management means you get the benefit of years of practical know-how from our across industry team to deliver actionable insight not just data.

By focusing on delivering insight, Ember can help you to get answers faster so you can concentrate on delivering the changes you need to make.

Ember’s Managed Analytics is an on-demand service – you will only pay for what you use, resulting in predictable costs that can be aligned to clear returns on investment. We offer two types of service to fit your needs:

  • Action Analytics to underpin your business improvement activities
  • Agent Analytics to protect and strengthen your quality, compliance and sales activities

Watch our short videos below to find out more about our Managed Analytics service: