An online tool to increase efficiency and reduce customer effort

It’s well established that high customer effort equals low customer satisfaction. Having to get in touch repeatedly because problems aren’t resolved costs you in terms of expense and reputation.

Billions are spent each year, as companies suffer the consequences of negative bad-mouthing from customers who’ve had difficulty resolving their issues are inclined to spread. So, making your customers' journey through your organisation as easy as possible is paramount.

Ember’s Customer Effort Dashboard (CED) is a performance management tool that calculates and constantly monitors your Customer Effort (CE) score - the hard evidence you need to improve your service.

Ember’s CE score will reflect a deep understanding of your customers’ relationship with your organisation, by interrogating data in up to four key areas - customer demand; customer contact; customer satisfaction and channel analytics.

Providing one CE score for your whole organisation and demonstrating improving trends over time is a powerful tool for reporting to senior stakeholders and customers. The CED can be adapted to monitor and provide scores for departments, teams and individuals, allowing you to make improvements as necessary.


Ember will interrogate the data and provide actionable insight and recommendations to improve the service and reduce customer effort.

Ember will help you to know:-

  • How much effort is required from customers to contact your organisation.
  • How to accurately and meaningfully measure the performance of your service.
  • How your service compares to your peers.
  • The benefits of having an independent audit of your service performance.
  • How to improve the quality of the services you or your outsourcer provides.
  • How to report demonstrable improvement month on month to your stakeholders and customers.

The Customer Effort Dashboard is provided as a managed web service, accessed from a secure login, and modular in nature.  Over time, the CED is adapted and tuned to your particular organisation. The dashboard elements can be bought separately, depending on your requirements and budget.

Using Ember’s Customer Effort Dashboard means you’ll benefit from the years of experience our consultants have in improving services. We’ll be a ‘critical friend’ enabling you to spot customer trends, good and bad, and take immediate action.