Could customer journey mapping help bring your customer experience to life – and save you money?

Failure demand, poorly designed business processes and high levels of customer effort can impact customer satisfaction, experience and brand perception – driving up an organisation’s operational cost and leading to customer churn.   Addressing these challenges requires organisations to truly understand customer needs and wants and to design future business processes that reconnect the organisation with its customers.

Customer Journey mapping is a powerful customer management practice that enables organisations to transform their customer experiences by navigating their key processes through the lens of the customer.   Integral to customer journey mapping is ensuring that the voice of the customer is always heard - at each step and each touch point - bringing the future customer experience to life.

Ember’s robust customer journey methodology provides a best practice approach – drawing out the key elements that really matter in articulating future customer experiences.  Our journey mapping approach brings together key business stakeholders to validate customer pain points, determine current business process inefficiencies and articulate key moments of truth – then, through facilitated customer journey workshops, map out the future customer journey steps, enabling touchpoints and channels, and future supporting capabilities and tools.

The result is not just a series of highly visual customer journey maps with enabling future capabilities and key business requirements – but also an effective means of engaging stakeholders across the whole organisation who can become advocates for the future customer engagement model.

Ember’s cross-industry sector experience and practitioner led approach ensures we bring the relevant expertise to support your organisation to improve its customer engagement.

Learn more about Ember’s customer journey methodology and how customer journey mapping can enable your future organisation.