Your route to profitable multi-channel customer engagement

Ember’s Digital Transformation services identify the optimum mix of contact channels and approaches to allow you to deliver a compelling customer experience, boost profitability and realise the cost benefits that inevitably follow when customers can find what they need easily, without recourse to your contact centre.

We believe the future of customer contact is ‘digital by default’ – that customers will opt first for digital channels for almost everything, using the phone only when their issue is so complex or so emotionally charged that they need to speak to someone. Today, many people call contact centres simply because they can’t find the answers they need on digital channels – frustrating for them and costly for businesses. An organisation serving 250,000 customers could save £1m every year if take-up of digital services increased by a modest 30%. A customer interaction online is fifty times cheaper to serve than an equivalent face-to-face interaction.

We believe every business – and its customers – is different and specific. We will work with you to identify what works best for your business, so that every penny of your digital investment is justified and delivers bottom line value. By understanding your business objectives, your customers’ behaviours and the realities of your market’s expectations, we’ll design your roadmap to digital excellence – uniquely yours, differentiated from your competition and appropriate for your customers. Then we’ll support you every step of the way to deliver it.

Specifically we provide:

Digital Review

A comprehensive review of your customers' experience and your internal digital capability, providing a series of recommendations to assist digital improvement planning, achieve channel shift and save money. This involves a forensic review of your web and social media channels. We examine the customer experience and journey of your website, on a range of typical tasks for your type of business and when the website is accessed from a smartphone and tablet. Similarly, we review your use of social media channels - the type and quality of information published and with what frequency, and where there is evidence of interaction taking place with customers, the quality of that interaction. We look at how well the website promotes the availability of social media, e.g. links between social media and website, whether interaction is encouraged and if any operating constraints or moderation guidelines may be readily identified.

The review will provide you with insight of a typical customer's user experience of your website and social media channels and offer clear recommendations for how to improve the experience and where to save money. Our customers have found that the digital review alone pays for itself many times over with the improvements it identifies.

Digital Strategy

Working with you and your corporate objectives, we produce or refine a digital strategy tailored to your needs. The digital strategy is the cornerstone of Digital Transformation. It clearly articulates how your organisation will interact with customers across all digital channels, what capability is required and how you will reduce costs. With organisational transformation at the very heart of digital service delivery, it is essential to make the digital strategy as comprehensive and wide-ranging as possible. The secret is to start with core business objectives rather than technology.

Where a digital strategy already exists, we provide a ‘critical friend’ review or refresh. We can then help you implement the digital strategy, using our extensive experience of programme and project management. In addition, we design and lead the cultural change necessary to ensure your organisation is fit for digital.

Social Media

We can help you to leverage social media to contribute to channel shift and deliver class-leading customer service, positively impacting your customers’ perceptions of your organisation and reputation.

Poorly resourced or managed social media channels can very swiftly adversely impact your reputation. For social media to be successful, it is essential to nurture, regulate and measure your deployment, with a singular objective of using it to contribute to the overall achievement of channel shift. Deployed correctly, social media channels offer huge benefits for timely customer service provision, keeping enquiries away from costly telephone channels and providing real time business updates. Ember can help you introduce new social customer service channels and implement effective governance covering terms of engagement, moderation and back office support to ensure a seamless customer experience across all channels. We will also show you how to measure social media take-up for management and channel shift reporting purposes.