Does your service delivery match your customer strategy?

The world is changing at an increasing pace and CS/CX operations need to keep up with the expectations of the organisation and the customers and communities they are in business to serve. And chances are, your business is planning for change – change that will help you do more, do better and do it without risk to the organisation or your customers.

As more and more organisations are striving to evolve toward a target operating model – a business structure and way of working that will help them realise their strategy for succeeding in the digital world – Ember has developed an operational transformation methodology that can support any organisation along each phase of its transitionary journey. And when developing a new target operating model, first you need to define the target. Ember’s approach helps you crystallise the goal, and then shape your organisation in the best way to achieve it.

We do this by helping you define the most beneficial goals and then translate this ‘North Star’ vision into a set of core principles for customer experience, services, operations and technology. We’ll examine your contact profile, illustrate your customer journeys, consider locations, sites and sources and develop a compelling business case for action. We exchange an inflexible predetermined ‘fixed target’ model with an optimum operating model built with agility from the outset for the changing landscape of your business’ future.


Defining a target operating model can (and should) drive and inform every decision about deployment, or redeployment, of the organisation’s resources and about investment in new channels or technologies. In our experience there is a critical difference between organisations that fully move to their target model, and those that get lost on the way: vision. Those that are successful have a rich vision of the way they want to operate and the customer experience they want to provide. They explore what that means for staff – in terms of priorities and culture, as well as roles and responsibilities.

Ember helps you define your end goal and supports you on the transformation journey to get there.