Programme, project and change management to transition and transform your services

Organisations needs rigorous programme, project and change management. It takes a great deal of time and effort to reach a decision to terminate a supplier contract, to run a procurement and change supplier, or to make changes to an existing service. Following through on the decision when it’s finally made is an equally tough challenge, demanding more time and effort from senior staff.

Understanding how to implement these changes without having a detrimental effect on services and impacting stakeholders, might seem a daunting task. This is where we can help.

Experts in Transition
Transitioning to a new service should never be underestimated.  Whether you are transitioning from one outsourced contract to another or migrating services in-house, we will work with you to ensure this transition is smooth and seamless, moving the business to a steady state as soon as possible with minimal impact to all stakeholders.

Our highly experienced programme managers will work alongside you during this period to ensure your services continue to run smoothly whilst changing the way they are delivered at the same time.

Experts in Transformation
Transformation has become the buzzword in both public and private sectors. Technological developments and budget constraints along with improved work practices are pushing organisations into unfamiliar territory. It’s never been more important to develop staff and listen to customers. A well thought through strategy for transformation is becoming key to the success of delivering good services.

We can help you transform your organisation by:

  • Devising new organisational structures
  • Delivering culture change
  • Integrating digital transformation
  • Improving work processes for efficiency