How well is your customer service operation performing?

Contact Centre Operations Review

  • Do you understand your customer demand
  • Are you setup as well as you could be to meet this demand
  • Have you got right balance of people to service your customers?
  • Are your people performing as well as they could do?
  • Do you need to make savings but are unsure where?
  • Do you know how you compare to other customer service operations?

These are the type of questions we get asked every day by our clients. Often, they run great operations that deliver great experiences but each is faced with a common context of customer demand or preferences changing, competition coming from new or different angles and regulations adapting.

Every year we support our clients as they face new challenges to work quicker, smarter and for less while constantly striving for high standards of delivery. By understanding the every day detail of your operation, we give you an objective view of how your operation is performing, where you can improve and benchmark your performance against industry standards.

Customer Experience Review

With competition fierce in most markets it is fundamental that organisations understand how their customers feel about them and take steps to create experiences that will build trust and influence lifetime value.

Key to this is to understand the value of an experience to the customer and to the organisation. At Ember we work with our clients to identify what customer journeys’ look like today and identify what  changes or innovations can be made, at the right investment level to deliver tangible and measureable benefits for the customer and for the organisation.

Our team who deliver these services are practitioners who are expert in their field. We harness these practical experiences with robust consulting methods to focus on the areas that will help answer the key questions and address

Our team work across digital, contact centre and face to face environments giving our clients clearly articulated assessments of a current position and well defined plans that demonstrate what they need to address, how to do this and the impact this will have.