Whether by sharing, outsourcing or bringing services back in-house

WHY your organisation needs sourcing advice
Many organisations committed to long-term outsourced contracts more than a decade ago and the contracts are no longer fit for purpose. Managing these contracts, ensuring they are delivering the best possible deal for customers, can be difficult.

HOW we can help
We have more than 15 years’ experience of negotiating and managing outsourced contracts and as a result delivering huge savings to organisations.

We can work with you to examine your existing contracts, recommend improvements and help you re-negotiate or re-procure if they are not delivering for you. We are forensic in our approach and where necessary will support you in closing down contracts that don’t deliver the best possible value.

We are fiercely independent and do not push our clients down any particular route, instead we help you decide on the appropriate course of action that is right for your circumstances.

We can help you with:-

  • Benchmarking outsource contracts against leading industry positions
  • Evaluating the performance and value delivered from an outsource arrangement
  • Outsourcing: your transition from an in-house operation to an external service provider (onshore or offshore)
  • Changing your service provider: transition of outsourced services between providers
  • Insourcing: moving outsourced services back in-house

Download the Strategic Procurement service overview for more information.