As demands change on businesses and operating models adapt to respond to them, it is vital that your technology helps you to create great experiences

Making the case to invest in technology can be challenging. Perspectives on the value of these investments vary, and are compared to alternative options such as products, offers, resources etc. all competing for similar investment.

Making the arguments for securing investment can vary – from reducing business risk to taking advantage of innovation to support new or improved capability.

At Ember we help our clients define and align their technology investments to the goals of their organisation, so that compelling cases can be made to show a tangible difference to the business. We then support clients to turn the concept into capability through a tried and tested approach that consists of the following:

  • Review or define business requirements that make clear what is needed from the technology
  • Link this to customer journeys and key business processes so that the benefits can be defined from both organisation and customer perspectives
  • Define the key scope and parameters for the investment
  • Identify potential partners and solutions to include in a procurement exercise
  • Design and run a thorough procurement process
  • Negotiate the best value from the right partner
  • Build the business case to support the programme
  • Ensure that industry leading contractual and commercial terms are agreed
  • Support the implementation to ensure success criteria are achieved

Our team are independent of technology vendors and integrators but have a strong understanding of what each bring. We use this to ensure we get the right potential partners into the process that will generate the best outcome for our client.

Our multi-disciplined teams work closely with client teams to bring together our view of the market with their understanding of their business and ensure that the right outcome is delivered from each technology procurement.

Download the Strategic Procurement service overview for more information.